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Feria de Barcelona hosts the third edition of the 3D industry week. The objective is to accelerate the use of technologies and industrial sectors such as Robotics, molds and matrices, new materials and 3D printing. The logo of the 3D printer manufacturer HP is seen during the event. Photocredit: Christian Lademann Hanover, Germany. Mechanical, Robotic gears, mecha core. Graphic Resource 3D Illustration of Future technology, security concept background.

The logo of the exhibition fair 3D industry is seen during the event.EquityZen is a marketplace for shares of proven pre IPO tech companies. It helps users in land mapping and site scanning services in collecting accurate aerial data of the job site, turning urns the drone photos into maps, models, point clouds and providing comprehensive on-boarding and ongoing support, enabling clients to take batter and informed decisions related to construction sites.

EquityZen does not have an affiliation with, formal relationship with, or endorsement from 3D Robotics or any companies feature above. This profile is based on publicly available information and is intended to be informative in nature.

Some data provided by Crunchbase. Request Access. View More Companies. Founded About 3D Robotics Stock 3DR makes drone technology more easily accessible to the construction, mining, and surveying industries for use in data analysis.

CEO Chris Anderson. CPO Jeevan Kalanithi. Switzerland first to test integrating drones into its air traffic control arstechnica - Mar, 9 Biz press release - Dec, 12 Learn More. AirMap Airspace services platform for unmanned aircraft.

Zymergen Biotechnology Company. EquityZen Recognized As:. Why EquityZen? EquityZen helps investors to access private companies and their employees to sell shares.If you have already looked at how to invest in robotics stock and perused a list of the biggest robotics stocksit's now time to take a look at five stocks that give investors the best way to play the theme of rising adoption of robotics automation. Let's take a look at five of the top companies playing the field of robotics and why their stocks are attractive for investors.

Deere NYSE:DEan agricultural and construction machinery equipment manufacturer, might not be the first name that springs to mind when looking at robotics automation stocks; however, the Internet of Things IoT and the increasing use of automation will be key drivers of Deere's growth in the future.

The company's core business is agricultural machinery. To be clear, a stock that operates in the farming sector will always be susceptible to the vagaries of the industry.

After all, demand for agricultural machinery is driven by farmers' income and crop prices. Demand is also driven by a healthy global trading environment, and investors saw in that trade conflict via tariffs on crops can impact end demand. That said, Deere is a clear leader in the precision agriculture market.

The company's solutions, which include IoT sensors, onboard computers, and telematics solutions, enable farmers to better steer and guide farming equipment. Through its automated guidance technology, farmers can collect and analyze data to improve performance while remotely managing and guiding equipment. Crop farmers can even control planting and seeding. Take-up rates for the technology have been impressive. Consequently, Deere has a chance to expand sales and possibly expand margins too.

Another reason Deere deserves a look by robotics investors is precisely because it's overarching sales growth depends on things like crop prices and farmers' income. Consequently, their stock performances can be highly correlated. Deere will provide your portfolio some balance, and there's little doubt that its automated IoT-enabled solutions are the future of farming. Cognex offers solutions that help to monitor and control robotic and automated processes.

Its 2D and 3D vision solutions help to inspect, guide, and identify across a range of industries. The company is also expanding into new growth markets such as logistics largely warehouse automation in e-fulfillment centers and airport baggage handling. That said, the company's key end markets are still the automotive and consumer electronics industries, both of which are early adopters of automation and robotics.

If both industries turn down together, the company's sales growth will falter. That's exactly what happened in Falling global light vehicle production and declining smartphone sales -- the company's machine vision is used to guide and monitor the bonding of smartphone displays -- hit the company hard, and sales growth turned negative.

It's clear that investing in Cognex is also about taking a view on the automotive and consumer electronics industries -- at least it will be that way in the near term.

These companies all have significant exposure to the same industries. What makes Cognex a better long-term investment than the rest? In a nutshell, Cognex has more explosive growth prospects.

3d robotics stock

All it will take is a few large consumer electronics deals -- such as the deals with Apple -- and Cognex's revenue and stock price will soar. Meanwhile, the increasing penetration of robotics into food and beverage, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals will provide growth opportunities over time. Ythe German forklift truck maker and warehouse automation company, might not sit at the top of most U.All rights reserved. Charles St, Baltimore, MD Robotics stocks offer an attractive source of opportunities for growth investors.

The long-term potential of the industry is obvious. And adoption should only accelerate amid the response to the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, for over a decade, investors have been rewarded for focusing on growth over valuation. As long as that trend holds, robotics stocks should be winners.

Savvy investors will look for exposure to that transformation. That said, there are two current issues with investing in the trend. First, valuation is a potential catch for investors looking for robotics stocks to invest in.

The broader opportunity for the group is known to at least some extent. Markets have adjusted accordingly.

3d robotics stock

Yet it will be years before robotics materially impact Alphabet stock, even in a best-case scenario. Still, there are enough robotics stocks out there for investors to choose from. Here are 10 of the most intriguing:.

Perhaps its surprising, but iRobot is the most divisive stock in the group. The case for IRBT stock seems solid. And a business update on Monday dispelled fears about demand pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, while sending IRBT stock to a month high. Yet skepticism persists. Trade war concerns led the stock to plunge last year. And bears see competition from privately held Shark as another negative catalyst. Long-term, the case for IRBT stock still seems attractive.

On paper, ABB is one of the better robotics stocks out there. After all, ABB stock has traded sideways for years now. The year return, even including dividends, is only barely positive. But revenue in the category declined last year, and weakness in the automotive industry suggests further pressure in the medium term. So ABB stock is a turnaround play, and given large businesses elsewhere not a pure play on the robotics business.They ended up selling by the loads in a similar way to the growth of industrial robots seen today.

Why turn on the electricity when nobody is in the building? There are also environmental factors driving adoption such as labor shortages and pandemics that require people to stay at home. Robotics is becoming increasingly important because the companies using them are gaining a competitive advantage.

Their competitors need to use them as well if they hope to compete. Robotics applications are growing in popularity because of technologies like machine learning that help the robots work more like humans, perhaps handling unexpected exceptions without just ceasing to operate. Next on the list is automating blue-collar jobs like construction or farming.

We have robots laying bricks and robots butchering animals. There are robots that pick weedsand autonomous robots that move potted plants around in nurseries. At night, robot janitors wander the same aisles cleaning floors.

The hospitality, service, and retail industries are being affected by robots as well. In the front of the house, robot baristas serve coffee. We now have robot scientists performing lab experiments in large automated laboratories which talk to the cloud. From Canada to Israelplenty of venture capital dollars are flowing into cool and exciting robot startups.

There are also plenty of publicly traded pure-play stocks for retail investors. In order to better evaluate the investment opportunity, we broke up robotics into a number of niches as follows:. Drones, also known and U nmanned A erial V ehicles UAV swere first developed and deployed by the military in the early s to provide practice targets for training military personnel.

Investing in Robotics Companies and Stocks

In the s, breakthroughs in transistor technology meant that, for the first time, miniaturized radio-controlled components were available to customers at a reasonable cost.

As more functionality gets to drones, the use cases increase. Chinese firm DJI is the largest manufacturer of consumer and commercial dronescatering to a diverse clientele of users from hobbyists to professional photographers.If you've already looked at how and why to invest in robotics stocksnow might be a good time to turn your attention toward learning more about the biggest robotics stocks in the marketplace.

Their size is a good indication that investors are interested in buying into what they have to offer. Let's take a look at them. In detailing the largest 10 robotics stock choices, some ideas quickly become apparent. That's fine if you want it, but you will have to think outside the box in order to avoid it.

The list of robotics stocks in this article is intended to help with that. The list contains a mix of pure-play robotics companies and automation companies, but in reality, robotics is just a subset of factory automation. That makes some sense when you factor in that the International Organization for Standardization ISO defines a robot as "an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes, which can be fixed in place or mobile in industrial automation applications.

In addition, some of these companies are also active in the process automation market. That simply means robotics, processes, and tools that handle the automated control of raw materials examples include oil and gas, chemicals, and water. Since it's impossible to find pure-play robotics companies, the following list isn't compiled purely on a market capitalization basis. Instead, it comprises the largest companies by market cap -- meaning the value of the stock market listing -- within a specific robotics theme.

Alongside ABB, Siemens and Rockwell are the leading players in the closely related field of automation. Cognex is the largest company within its machine vision niche, and KION is the largest supply chain automation company.

Intuitive Surgical and iRobot have first-mover advantage in and dominate their market niches. In a nutshell, all these companies are No. What's immediately noticeable is that none of the four is based in the U. The fact that two Japanese companies, Fanuc and Yaskawa, are leaders in robotics is a testament to the importance of Asia to the robotics world. Moreover, as the chart below shows, five of the top eight are in Asia.

Note too China's share of production among the top eight. The figures in the chart somewhat reflect the geographic sales mix at Fanuc and Yaskawa. China looms large in the prospects for both companies. Even though the country is already the biggest market for industrial robots, its so-called robot density is a lot lower, suggesting there's ample room for growth.

Robot density is defined by the IFR as the number of installed robots per 10, employees in the manufacturing industry -- a measure of how automated a country's manufacturing production is. As you can see below, China still lags its neighbors and manufacturing rivals, so there should be plenty of growth opportunities from the country for Fanuc and Yaskawa.

However, one thing investors need to look out for -- and this argument also applies to ABB, Siemens, Cognex, and Rockwell Automation -- is that the robotics and to a lesser extent the overall industrial automation market does have exposure to specific end markets. That's not good when those industries turn down. To illustrate this, here's a look at the share of robots in use by industry globally from to This is fine, but investors should note that Fanuc and Yaskawa both started reporting double-digit sales declines in when global automotive production turned negative and consumer electronics particularly smartphone production faced significant headwinds.

Putting all this together, an investment in Fanuc and Yaskawa is really a play on the growing adoption of robotics in the emerging manufacturing economies in Asia. Both are major players in the factory automation and process automation markets.

A reminder, process automation involves the automated control of raw materials. Some examples of this include petrochemical refining, chemical processing, and water treatment.

Moreover, both companies' automation businesses are merely a part of a larger corporation. However, the good news for robotics followers is that both companies' earnings are set to become more focused on industrial automation, robotics, and smart manufacturing in the future.

ABB is a company in transition. Following years of lackluster performance and a feeling that the company's performance didn't match up to its potential, management decided to take action and sell its underperforming power grids business to Hitachi and push ahead by digitalizing its solutions and investing in partnerships, like the one with industrial engineering software company Dassault Systemes OTC:DASTYto create so-called digital twin solutions.What are the top robotics stocks?

3d robotics stock

Of all robotics spending, two-thirds will be from hardware purchases. Meanwhile, services spending is projected to be the fastest-growing industry between andwith a CAGR of The Investing News Network is providing an overview of seven top robotics stocks that trade on North American exchanges. With the global robotics industry primed for massive growth in the coming years, the time is ripe for investors to jump into this space.

The top robotics stocks below are listed in alphabetical order. All numbers and figures were current as of June 18, First on this top robotics stocks list is ABB, a leading power and automation technology company with a robotics and discrete automation division that offers machine and factory automation solutions, as well as a suite of wide-ranging robotics solutions and applications.

AeroVironment is a technology solutions provider with an advanced portfolio of unmanned aircraft systems.

3D Printing Stocks: Nearly as Good as Printing Money

Brooks Automation makes robotics and handling solutions for the life sciences and semiconductor industries. In recent years, the company has begun to diversify into the life sciences market.

Top robotics stock Cognex is an industrial automation play that provides machine-vision products that obtain and analyze visual information in order to automate tasks where vision is needed. Cognex also operates through machine-vision technologies, which are used to automate the manufacturing and tracking of discrete items, including mobile phones, medications and automobile tires.

This product can operating at twice the speed of conventional fixed-mount barcode readers. It is also famously known for creating the Roomba, a mobile robot that vacuums the floor. Rockwell Automation provides industrial automation power, control and information solutions through two segments: architecture and software, and control products and solutions.

6 Med-Tech and Medical-Device Stocks to Buy

Last on this top robotics stocks list is Teradyne, a leading provider of automated test equipment that has made a move into the robotics market with several strategic acquisitions, including Universal Robots, Energid Technologies and MiR. This is an updated version of an article first published by the Investing News Network in Securities Disclosure: I, Melissa Pistilli, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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