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Originally posted by ms-srgnt--otakuwitch. Keep reading. It was gonna be a little while longer until I got this out but an incredibly talented friend came forward and drew me the most wonderful fan-art for this story.

cheating bakugou katsuki x reader

I love you! Part One. Part Two. I made the little picture things to make it look a little more fun and eye catching. Tell me what you guys think? Does it look ok? I figure it looked s bit better than just block text? Bakugou fumed in the corner of your room as you slept his ears twitching in aggitation as his restlessness grew, he was so pent up, so hungry. Your scent alone was enough to drive him crazy, making him strain against the chains on his wrist keeping him from ravaging your unsuspecting body.

He closed his eyes straining more and more as his mind imagined your body beneath his, to have your wrists trapped in his grasp as he had his way with you.

After days and days of fustrated lunging, he had managed to break free the chains hanging from his wrists as he loomed over your sleeping form. You were completely at his mercy and he was in no place to resist his instincts. Bakugou nudged your legs apart inhaling the aroma from your panties that made his mouth water.

You inhaled sharply in your sleep as he ran his tongue from your dripping arousal up to your clit, that small sweet taste sending him into a frenzy. His sharp nails drew bleeding lines across delicate skin as he further pried apart your thighs, locking them in place before he began to devour you, both pain and pleasure shaking you from your sleep. It took you moments to shake the fog from your mind, only seconds to become aware of the frenzy of pleasure between your legs, instant recognition upon seeing the head of spikey Ash blonde hair.

You had no time to contemplate how he had broken free from his chains. At the sound of that name you had given him, he adjusts himself never pausing in his meal at those read eyes bore into yours, the pupils turned into small slits due to his state. Hyperaware, alert. The boy was already wild to begin with but for you to keep him pent up for so long, unable to fufill his most based need had sent him further back now almost completely feral.

He was doing what came natural to him and in nature there was no mercy.

Almost Lost You - Bakugou x Listener ASMR [ Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction Reading ] Fluff

He continued to lick you up with long swipes of his tongue, sometimes darting it into your entrance in an attempt to drink in as much of you as he could. No matter how many times you came he continued to feast.Your heart shattered at his words. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds.

I really want to have this baby. He just packed as you beg him to stay. He shook you off and glared. You lied there on the floor crying. You cry, watching him leave the house. Now how were you going to manage this? Even though he left you, you still wanted the baby.

You want to raise a beautiful life you birthed. So you kept the baby. No matter what, they were all by your side. And they were pissed when they heard that Bakugou left you. Finally, after 8 months, your water broke. Kirishima was sleeping over this night, and he heard your pained scream in the middle of the night.

He was panicking because the help in the area was shit so he had to get you to the hospital.

He ran out the house carrying you, and suddenly an ambulance rushed to a road he was on. Paramedics rushed you onto the bed and to the hospital. Kirishima held onto your hand as the paramedics helped you deliver the baby.

His hand was rock hard because you were squeezing it so tightly. Finally, you got to the hospital. You were in so much pain and Kirishima was forced to wait in the hallways. The rest of your friends came as fast as they could, and they prayed so hard that you were going to be okay. They smile gleefully at you and then handed you your baby. Your friends were able to come in.

You sniffle happily.

katsuki bakugo x reader

Suddenly, someone bursts into the room. It was a blonde haired man with harsh eyes. Your eyes widened.Maybe a female reader finding out bakugo was cheating? Keep reading. Like how would they feel, how would they tell the reader if at all and the aftermath of it. I have such a strict rule for cheaters. Never take them back. It subconsciously affirms that you will take them back even if they do it again. Of course, everyone and every relationship are different.

Girls and gays, do what is best for your heart. That is all the advice I can give. Sidenote: Please stay safe and well, both physically and mentally. Wash your hands and fucking take Corona seriously.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Originally posted by deku-smash. Originally posted by kingshouto. Originally posted by fairym0ve. Kyousei or Bakugou has sometimes been overprotective with Kirishima because someone flirt with him or tell him hurtful comments? We all know that Kirishima is an innocent sunshine who does not realize these things or is quiet uncomfortable. I would like to know this situation. But I can follow the main idea of the songs! I loved it!

Thanks for sending this in! I hope you like it! Bakugou made sure to shuffle his way over to the couch as noisily as he could so that he would catch your eye, even from the other end of the apartment.

When he was sure you were looking at him and that you knew what he was trying to do, he proceeded to throw himself over the entire length of the couch, sweaty gym clothes and all. There was that telltale tightening of your jaw that told him that he was the centre of your attention in that moment, and it was the tiniest of victories. Bakugou scooted to one side of the couch and sat close to the armrest as though he was a guest in your house for the first time, a small peace offering of sorts to help to delay your oncoming wrath.

He crossed his arms over his chest, his fingernails digging into his forearms instead of lashing out at you. You flipped him the bird, and it took every ounce of his self-control not to blow anything up.

Bakugou wiped his already clammy palms on his sweatpants, and he looked away from you to the parts of the fabric that he unintentionally singed. He exhaled slowly in an attempt to collect himself. You made a move to leave the room, but Bakugou shot out of his seat to grab you by the wrist and stop you. He held on tightly, but let his grip lax a little once you stopped trying to haul yourself in the opposite direction.

You turned around to meet his eyes, and there was something about your unfamiliarly steely gaze that momentarily made the words get caught in his throat.

He sputtered, disguising it as a series of rough coughs that had come out of nowhere. Bakugou released your wrist as he spoke. He trained his eyes on you, watching for some reaction.

It was his only consolation that his apology had some visible effect on you, your cold gaze thawing just a little. He had foolishly thought that the mere utterance of the words would be enough.It better be good! Are you up for it? Bring it on! We must keep the classroom quiet for Mr Aizawa! Katsuki snarled. In that moment, he honestly wanted to kill Kirishima.

There had been a chess board in the staff room, fortunately for them. Doing that would only wreck his nerves amazing charm.

cheating bakugou katsuki x reader

As I was saying. As long as I was telling you that I was into you. Thanks for sticking with me.

with ears to see. | katsuki bakugou x reader.

I promise to love you forever, so you better do the same. I figured it out one day when we were hanging out. Back in high school, I was totally obsessed with girls! I would have made the first move otherwise! Nothing is going to change that, I promise! My other favourites are kissing, cuddling, watching movies, talking, laughing, training…Just being with you makes me happy. At first, I believed that you just had a second quirk that encourages people to become interested in you, but now I believe that you are my soulmate.

Nothing will make me want to leave. Is that strange? Because if it is, then unfortunately I cannot apologise for it, because my prediction came true. I know now that the obsession I had over you was completely normal. You confirmed that in your love letter to me - which I still treasure, by the way. I want you to love me forever, just like I will. But I was so stupid in high school. What I failed to notice was that you were crushing on me too, big time.

And all you wanted, was for me to grow a pair and tell you straight up that I love you, without using cheesy pick up lines. It took me a year and a half to figure that out ladies and gents. Thanks again, Mina. I want to be by your side, even after that.

cheating bakugou katsuki x reader

You have my word. And cool. Not to mention your personality is totally rocking. I promise to love you for all of eternity, and beyond! You believe in me, and your belief has convinced me to believe in myself too. Nothing is going to keep me away from you, and nothing will stop me from loving you. I-I love you so much…Bunny!You were in class, it was silent as everyone rushed to finish their work before the bell rang.

You had already completed your work and were distracted by your thoughts. The self-hatred they held was addictive. Suddenly the bell rang and you were shaken out of your thoughts.

Bakugou was already standing at your desk waiting for you to snap out of it. He side eyed you and held his hand out for you, you mustered a big smile for him and took his hand. But today was not your day, it was in fact one of the worst. You quickly excused yourself to the washroom and dashed down the halls with your nose burning. You were crying, but for what reason?

You locked yourself in the stall for a few short moments stopping yourself, telling yourself you had to keep up this positive facade. I just want everyone to be happy, you thought.

You smiled, it strained your face but it looked mostly right. There was too much going on for you to burden others with this. But Bakugou had aided you before, he listened he cared. You decided to venture back to the dorms as fast as you could. You throw yourself at your boyfriend when you see him letting out choked sobs. With wide eyes he attempted to comfort you, he slowly picked you up in his arms and brought you to his room.

He carefully placed himself and you onto his bed and sighed. His crimson eyes holding sincere concern. You could only feel guilty and shrivel up into yourself. Letting you know he was there. You could only gulp. I really am, I want to be happy. People care about you, so stop holding everything in.

In response he only pulls you down under a lovingly soft blanket and wraps his arms around you in a protective way.We almost never have time for our relationship. Izuku looked at uraraka and gave her a worried look,uraraka on the other hand gave izuku a mad glare…hearing a big sigh I looked up.

Like always. I gasp and looked at my right realizing that bakugou was leaning on the wall with his hands in his pockets this whole time. Seems like that cheered me up because the next thing you know I started smiling along with giggling. I never thought that the almighty bakugou katsuki would do something that nice for a loser like me…"I looked down once again biting my bottom lip.

I wanna see your stupid smile…"he said with a hint of blush. You head to the kitchen trying to find the popcorn,once you find it you put it in the microwave and sit. I can check up on him and maybe bring some sandwiches!!! You just wanted to get this over with so you just opened it and the next thing you saw horrored you. He grabbed your arm with his filthy hands but you took your hand out of his embrace with a pity look on your face. You started hearing midoriya sobbing louder and louder while whispering sorry and beating him self up non stop.

I felt broken. Katsuki was outside of your room so he just opened the door with his leg and softly laid you down on the bed with him just laying down next to you after he shut the door. I fucking love you…. I then realized what a huge mistake Ive made for 2 years.

I wasted time on a fucking jerk that. I had to be blinded by mother fucking izuku midoriya. He was totally shooked, his eyes were widened as hell, a few seconds later he went along with it and closed his eyes fallowing my lead. A few minutes passed and he took the lead,he was on top of me about to take my shirt off when he pulled away and asked.

Katsuki smirked at my response and quickly took his and my clothes off except for the undergarment. Something like that. Reaching his v line I started tugging on his boxers trying to let him know…. I felt a bit worried and sorda painful,just thinking about it not fitting inside of me,just the idea of it tearing my insides apart,I sorda was looking forward to it? The room was filled with me moaning,wet fingers inside of me and kacchan silently snickering.

cheating bakugou katsuki x reader

I soon felt even more pleasure when he placed in 3 fingers,it felt like nothing I have ever felt,I never imagined such feeling could exist,just the thought about the pleasure that bakugou would give me later turned me on Even more. The fast feeling of his tongue inside of me was incredible! He once again smirked. He licked up your folds, his tongues dipping past your hole teasingly. He used his thumb to toy with your clit as he stimulated your folds. He poked his tongue past your walls, wiggling it around before shoving in another finger.

You moaned out loudly at the sudden feeling of him going even faster. Your eyes squeezed shut as he continued to pump you through your release. Not even one second later You felt this thick white substance come out squirting on kacchansface.

You then were on your knees,closing your eyes and imagining on how it would feel when his whole dick would be inside of your mouth.

You gently touched his cock and blowed hot air on it,you looked up at him and saw him trying not to moan. You spit on his cock and soon started to jerk him off,not even one minute later you hear him moaning,you smirked and started to go even faster. Your hand got tired so the next thing to do,was to suck it,instead of being scared.There it was again. He had seen her answer the call once. She spoke for a bit, the conversation got heated and then she said something hurried and hung up as he was approaching.

She was doing everything she could to keep him from hearing the conversation or figuring out what was going on. They were dating, right? He had no reason to think she was cheating on him, but at the same time he felt like he had every reason to think that. Even though all eyes were on him, Bakugou turned his attention back to his lunch and grumbled to himself about how sneaky this whole thing was.

Bakugou told Kirishima about what had just happened and what had been going on for the past week. Your phone started buzzing again. When they looked up and saw it on the table, Bakugou lunged for it. It was that same fucking number calling you again and he was going to get to the bottom of it! Kirishima got to it first though. As Kirishima pulled away from him, it stopped ringing. It stopped! There was no way you were going back there and dealing with Bakugou again.

Where did he get off yelling at her like that. He had completely ghosted me and when I ran into him the other day he gave me all these excuses about why he did, but, like in hindsight I dodged such a bullet by giving up on him.

Bakugou got to it first and you almost flew off the handle at him again. He swiped the screen and answered the phone before you had a chance to properly argue with him. On the other line there was a guy asking why you had been ignoring him and rattling on about how he knew he messed up and just wanted another chance. Most people know me as number one at UA.

Can I have 22 for angst with Bakugou, but with a fluffy ending. I cry when angst doesn't have a happy ending. Tagged: bakugou katsuki bnha scenarios bakugou x reader angrybomberanian.


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Cheating bakugou katsuki x reader
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